July workshop:  pottery wheel & sculpture We already have a clear list of participants and can not wait to welcome all of you, preparing all the logistics, and completing the previously initiated renovations in progress within the next 2 weeks. A lot is still to come, but it’s time for a few words about the program in the studio for people who have decided to creatively rest here, developing their artistic passions.

What can you expect from Agata when it comes to creating pottery on a potter’s wheel? (about sculpture- more in the next episode)

Our framework programme brings the answer to this question:

  • Design and decorating of dishes, how to work out your own style – lecture
  • Techniques for preparing masses for work (mass selection, preparation for turning, recovery)
  • Ceramic tools (where to buy, how and what to make)
  • Basics of the profession: centering, mass production
  • Techniques of turning basic forms (ability to pull the walls up, expand and constrict) – cup, bowl, bottle
  • Techniques of turning flat forms on the caps – plate, patera
  • Finishing/decorating techniques – foot, relief, texture, ear.
  • Hygiene. turning as a relaxation technique. Working on potter’s wheel protecting your spine.

For ladies ( and not only), the module „potter was a woman” – strength from the interior, intelligent turning technique. Yoga and eastern martial arts in pottery. So… after this workshop you will know how to work without harm to health.

What else?

You will be able to make a bowl, a mug, a bottle and a plate.

You will know how to make a freak and ear, how to develop your skills on your own after the workshop. You will also learn how to work repeatedly. You’ll also make your own tools and recognize which ones you really need and which are just gadgets.

Knowledge how to use clay from „waste”, on the top.

Waiting for you in July, and later in August (for August we have a few more free places).